I’m Back?

Hello everybody! How is everyone doing? It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post and that really upsets me. It’s not that I haven’t had any ideas on what to post, it’s just that I couldn’t put my thoughts into words.

A couple of major things have been going on in my life, stuff that has had a really huge impact. I got my O-Levels results earlier in August. I didn’t get the worst grades in the world however, they just aren’t what I had wanted so I will be repeating some of my O-Level exams. Doing that does put me a year behind which sorta sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Another thing that’s been really stressing me out is my dad’s health. We had the biggest scare in around July where he was in the ICU for around 10-15 days. The ICU doctors wouldn’t give us any hope about him getting better until the first 5 days were over and he started breathing on his own. He is doing much better now, but it’s something that scares that crap outta me.

Also I might be moving to Pakistan for a couple of months so be sure to keep checking out my blog as there will he heaps of new stuff. Two of my cousins are getting married *YAY* so there will be a lot more on beauty and fashion. There will also be more on coping while living alone (even though I will be living with my aunt and cousins) in a city I only visit only for a couple of weeks after every year.

Leaving Dubai will be hard-even if I’m leaving it only for a few months- because it’s been home ever since I was born. Dubai is the only place I know like the back of my hand so adjusting to a totally new environment will be kinda hard. With that being said I will also try to post as much as I possibly can whilst juggling school and tuition.

This is such a messed up post but I thought I’d update everyone on what’s actually going on. I’ve got a couple of blog post ideas but comment down below if you wanna see my Eid-Al-Adha OOTD and makeup (even though this is long overdue haha) or if you wanna see a beauty haul. I’ll try to post one of the above ideas sometime next week.

I hope you enjoyed reading me ramble on.

Until next time, Goodbye my fellow Earthlings.


15 thoughts on “I’m Back?

      1. I just tried clicking on your url again and it says your blog doesn’t exist? Pls link a blogpost so I can follow you from there x


      2. I’m so sorry but even now when I click on your URL it says website not available😭 I’m not sure what’s wrong. Please link a blogpost so I can follow you from there x


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