Sephora Cream Lip Stain- Review.

For the longest time I’ve heard beauty gurus rave about these liquid lipsticks and I really wanted to try them out for myself.

I’ve had this for a couple a weeks now and I’ve been wearing it almost every chance I get. These retail for about $14 in the US and around 79aed in the United Arab Emirates.

p.s I prefer using this with a Lip Liner  for a better finish. I use the lip liner in the shade ‘ 06 Rosewood ‘ . The lip liner retails for $6 in the US and 29aed in the United Arab Emirates.

13 Marvelous Mauve.

This is the ” your lips but better” kind of colour. Even though right now this is the only colour I have from the 14 available colours, it is definitely one of my favourite matte lipsticks I own. In the picture below it looks lighter than it actually is and I think that’s because the camera didn’t pick up the actual colour.

BeFunky Collage


These lip stains are described on the Sephora website as a high coverage lip products containing avocado oil. Said to apply via a creamy texture then dry to a silky, lightweight stain. With two finishes in the range: satin & matte.

I completely agree with the whole “silky, lightweight stain” spiel. What I love about these is that once they are one these bad boys are not going anywhere.

These lippies also have a lovely vanilla-y taste and scent to them, that wears off a bit once dried but is quite distinct on first application. Personally, I love the vanilla taste/scent.


I found that these are insanely easy to apply, and can be corrected with a baby wipe if necessary. I also happen to really like the applicator.


So far I’ve worn 13 Marvelous Mauve multiple times for long periods of time and it really does not budge. You can’t feel it on the lips and they aren’t overly drying as well. I feel you could still pull these off with slightly dry/damaged lips; just as long as you don’t intend on a major camera zoom-in like me, you should be good to go!


This is maybe where the “staining” quality comes in. Once these babies have dried from their creamy texture (that bit is true) to their matte one, baby wipes no longer provide easy removal (unless you fancy giving your lips an extreme exfoliation). I would recommend using a waterproof makeup remover, as it does the job without a lot of fuss.  Once removed there is no stain on the lips.

Here is what they look like swatched on my wrist.

Here is what the packaging and the applicator looks like.

And that concludes my review on the Sephora Cream Lip Stain.

Goodbye my fellow Earthlings.

p.s if you’ve tried let me know what you think in the comments below.


18 thoughts on “Sephora Cream Lip Stain- Review.

  1. I tried on Marvellous Mauve at Sephora and loved it so much that I bought it right away, but then I came home to realize I already had a lipstick that was the exact same shade as Marvellous Mauve on me (the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in 225 Sultry) 😛 I haven’t tried any other colours, but I’ve heard good things


  2. I have this lip stain in the same shade Marvelous Mauve, and I absolutely love it!!! I have a few lip stain colours, but this specific one is my favourite 🙂 . Great blog!!


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